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We have 'consciousness'.

 We are aware of a computer screen or a cup of coffee or the sun shining.

David A Oakley, of UCL, and Peter Halligan, of Cardiff University, suggest that we don't consciously choose our thoughts - instead we simply become aware of them.

What if consciousness is not what drives the human mind?

It is suggested that our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are generated by something other than consciousness.

It is suggested that our thoughts come from 'non-conscious systems operating behind the scenes.'

It is suggested that we have a 'personal narrative' which produces our thoughts.

What if consciousness is not what drives the human mind?

We have a 'personality' which dictates that we like computers or cups of coffee.

What is the 'personal narrative', or 'personality' or 'true self' of Kaia Gerber?

Kaia is a Virgo. 

According to astrologers, Virgos are shy and dislike being the centre of attention.

We have a 'personality' which dictates that we like people such as Donald Trump or that we like killing Moslems in a Nigerian Mosque.

"Vile Muslim Trump is quick to condemn an attack against one of "his" Egypt mosques , but meanwhile he plots with the Saudis. Maybe he will send Kushner to invetigate, and then sell the Saudis some more weapons. Wake up people! Trump is a Muslim!
Post-Truth Society Theosebes Goodfellow Nov 24, 2017 12:04 PM

When we are born, we have a 'personality' and our 'personal narrative' continues to develop as we grow older.


"The 'personal narrative' provides information to be stored in our autobiographical memory - the story we tell ourself, about ourself."


Where do our personalities come from?

Dr. Ian Stevenson wrote about Twins in Sri Lanka. "We did testing that showed they were identical, yet they were markedly different in their behaviors and physical appearance.

"One twin began to talk about a previous life as a Sinhalese insurgent, said he was shot by police in April 1971."


We don't consciously choose our thoughts or our feelings?

When we waken each morning, "thoughts and emotions - welcome or otherwise - arrive already formed in our minds.

"The colours and shapes we see are constructed into meaningful objects or memorable faces without any effort or input from our conscious mind."


Our 'personalities' can be affected by various entities.

"Studies using hypnosis show that a person's mood, thoughts and perceptions can be profoundly altered by suggestion."


There is a belief that we should tune in to the 'Heaven' within us.


If the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, it would be a good idea to tune into it.

If you can move mountains, you can do all sorts of things.

The Canadian neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield talked about the mind apparently being able to "project a memory or a dream upon the screen of consciousness."

Wilder Penfield concluded that the mind is a thing separate from the brain, and it does not rely on the brain to function.

The Nature of Mind and the Holographic Brain - Waking Times - Brandon West - Waking Times

In the 1950's, the researcher Stanisilav Grof had a female patient who suddenly became convinced she had assumed the identity of a female of a species of prehistoric reptile.

Grof encountered examples of patients regressing and identifying with virtually every species on the evolutionary tree.

He found that such experiences frequently contained obscure zoological details which turned out to be accurate.

The Holographic Universe - Simulation Hypothesis

Grof had patients who appeared to tap into some sort of collective unconscious.

People with little or no education suddenly gave detailed descriptions of Zoroastrian funerary practices and scenes from Hindu mythology.

Grof had patients who  gave persuasive accounts of out-of-body journeys, glimpses of the future, and regressions into apparent past-life incarnations.

The Holographic Universe - Simulation Hypothesis

Grof suggested that our mind may be connected not only to every other mind that exists or has existed, but to every atom, organism, and region in space and time.

The Holographic Universe - Simulation Hypothesis

In his book Gifts of Unknown Things, biologist Lyall Watson describes his encounter with an Indonesian shaman woman who, by performing a ritual dance, was able to make an entire grove of trees completely vanish.

Watson relates that as he and another onlooker continued to watch the woman, she caused the trees to reappear, then click off again and on again several times in succession.

The Holographic Universe - Simulation Hypothesis.


Jessica Clark married Gareth Mayer.

Gareth likes Jessica when she has the personality of a gay lad.

 Cwmbran woman's life as five people

Jessica and Gareth, from Wales.

Has Jessica been mind-controlled?

In 2012, a specialist in Norwich, in the UK, diagnosed Jessica as having 'dissociative identity disorder'.

Cwmbran woman's life as five people

Jessica works as a receptionist in Newport, in Wales.

She is also a part-time support worker.


Jessica developed her male personalities to 'protect' herself after suffering a traumatic event during her childhood.

She refuses to speak about the traumatic event.

'I think having males around all day everyday in my brain really help me desensitize myself to being afraid of men,' she said.

'I thought, if I was a boy, what happened to me wouldn't have happened.'

Jessica Mayer, 25, with DID

As the result of 'dissociative identity disorder' (split personality), Jessica Mayer (born Jessica Clark) has five personalities.

She regularly switches from one character to another without warning.

"Jessica's disorder is believed to affect one to three per cent of the world's population."

dailymail / Meet Jessica and her four alternate identities / Cwmbran woman's life as five people

Jessica's five 'alter egos' are:

Jake, a Buddhist Hollywood actor and singer, who has an American accent, and a brother called Jamie

Jamie, a bisexual doctor, who has an upper-class British accent, wears prescription glasses and is the brother of Jake

Ed, a gay anorexic Cockney (working-class Londoner) hairdresser, who is left handed, and who is the 'partner' of Jamie

Ollie, curently aged 14, who is obsessed with astrobiology (evolution and life patterns), is moody, and is the 'son' of Jamie and Ed.

Jessica Mayer


25 year-old Jessica is from South Wales in the UK.

Jessica "is happily married to Gareth Mayer, leads a 'girlie' lifestyle" and copes with full-time work and university.

She says of her personalities, 'One of us, whoever it may be, is up in the morning.'

"Generally, Jake usually starts the morning because he likes to take the dog out for a walk or go out for a bit of a jog.

"Ed usually prepares lunchboxes and sets everything up for the week while Jessica would go to her 9-5 job as usual."



Jessica says of her personalities: 'Allowing them to have their own space and their own time is incredibly beneficial to our overall mental health.'

Growing up, Jessica said that she would find herself at a different location, not knowing how she ended up there.

'I remember one day, I was in a dress with the highest of heels on, blisters all over my feet, it was raining and I had no idea where I was or how I got there,' she says.


Gareth Mayer describes the change between the personalities as 'incredible'.

Gareth says: "You literally see a shift in everything, from accent to attitude, and even her mannerisms and the way Jess looks."

He says each of the personalities has their own tastes and styles, and that Jessica has bought clothes to suit each personality

He says: "Lady Gaga's wardrobe is probably less diverse than Jess' is."

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Gay Catholics?

"Working with a small cadre of loyalists - including a lawyer with dual citizenship in the U.S. and Israel - Blackwater's ErikPrince sought to secretly rebuild his private CIA and special operations enterprise by setting up foreign shell companies and offering paramilitary services."

Blackwater founder Erik Prince

"Erik Prince appeared on Steve Bannon's radio show and recommended that Trump re-create the former CIA assassination ring known as the Phoenix program ..."

Eric prince is a Knight of Malta.

Mercenaries from the American firm Blackwater (aka Academi) are carrying out the torture of the Saudi princes and billionaires who were recently arrested, according to sources.

'American mercenaries' are torturing Saudi princes | Daily Mail Online

The arrests in Saudi Arabia came immediately after Jared Kushner and Trump officials made a secret visit to Saudi Arabia.

Jared Kushner's friend Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Something smells bad.

Trump tweeted his support for the arrests.

The sources blaming Blackwater include the Lebanese president

Saad Hariri, Lebanon's prime minister, was said to have been held in Saudi Arabia by 'Blackwater' guards.


Donald Trump's friend Joseph Schmitz is a former boss of  Blackwater.

Blackwater's founder Erik Prince acted as Trump's envoy in Russian meetings.

Trump's Education Secretary Betsy Devos is the sister of Blackwater's founder Eric Prince.

Detained members of Saudi elite have been hung by their feet and beaten by interrogaters, sources say.

Among those hung upside down are Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, an investor worth at least $7 billion.

The arrests were ordered by Jared Kushner's friend Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The crown prince, according to sources, has 'stolen' more than $194 billion from the bank accounts and seized assets of those arrested.

Saudi Arabia Squeezes Detainees as It Tries to Seize Assets - The New York Times


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Henry Paget

Henry Paget was the 5th Marquess of Anglesey.

Upon the death of 'his father' in 1898, Henry Paget inherited the family estates in Staffordshire, Dorset, Anglesey and Derbyshire.

Henry Paget's annual income, in today's money, was £11 million per year.

In 1904, he was declared bankrupt.

He died at the age of 30.

Henry Paget

Henry Paget was supposed to be the eldest son of the 4th Marquess but there were rumours that his actual father was the French actor Benoît-Constant Coquelin.

Henry paget's wife Lilian reportedly had lesbian romances.

In 1898 Henry Paget married his cousin Lilian Florence Maud Chetwynd (1876–1962).

"On their honeymoon, when she stopped and gazed at a jeweller's window display in Paris, he went inside and bought the whole lot for her."


She walked out on him after just six weeks.

Plas Newydd, Paget's country house on Anglesey

Henry Paget was fond of dressing as a woman.

He had three valets.

A junior valet, a young Frenchman, Julien Gault, stole jewellery from Paget.

A Noble Tree With 'Strange Fruit!'

Henry Paget used his money to buy jewellery and furs, and to organise extravagant parties and flamboyant theatrical performances.

For three years Paget took his theatre company on tour around Britain and Europe.



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David Cassidy, who died in November 2017.

David Cassidy "was experimenting with everything from LSD to heroin and getting through assorted women at a phenomenal rate...

"He was brought to the brink of bankruptcy twice by unscrupulous business managers."

Was David Cassidy one of the MK-Ultra Monarch Slaves?.


Was David Cassidy gay/bisexual?

He knew a number of people who died of AIDS.

David Cassidy - The Early Years

Pop singer David Cassidy, born in 1950, came to fame as Keith Partridge in the 1970s American TV sitcom The Partridge Family.

David Cassidy's stand-in, on the show, was a girl.

Jack Cassidy and Evelyn Ward

David Cassidy's parents were the late actor Jack Cassidy and the actress Evelyn Ward.

Jack Cassidy, of Irish and German descent, bisexual and suffered from bipolar disorder.

David Cassidy aged 12.

As David Cassidy's parents were frequently touring, David was mainly brought up by his maternal grandparents in New Jersey.

Shirley Jones in 1961 with her kids, David and Shaun Cassidy. When asked what her secret to appearing youthful, Shirley is quoted as saying: 'Masturbation! dailymail.

David's parents divorced, but David was not told.

Two years after the divorce, in 1956, a neighbour's children told David of the split.

In 1956, David's father Jack Cassidy married actress Shirley Jones, and three half-brothers were born: Shaun (1958), Patrick (1962) and Ryan (1966).

Bernadette Whelan was 14 when she suffered a heart attack and died after she was crushed at a David Cassidy concert at White City Stadium in 1974.

At the age of 24, David Cassidy decided to retire.


"His gall bladder had to be removed...

"He developed acne from the enormous stress and workload...

"A 14-year-old fan, Bernadette Whelan, had been killed by asphyxiation at one of the White City concerts.

"For 10 years he wouldn't sing a single note of the songs that made his name.

(David Cassidy ruined my life Mail Online)

David Cassidy's first wife was Kay Lenz. 

David Cassidy's first wife was actress Kay Lenz, whom he married in 1977 and divorced in 1982.

David Cassidy, Meryl Tanz and George Michael.

David Cassidy's second wife was South African sportswoman Meryl Tanz, whom he married in 1984.

This marriage ended in 1985.

David Cassidy

By 1986, David Cassidy was broke.

(David Cassidy ruined my life Mail Online)

David Cassidy's third wife was Sue Shifrin, to whom he was married from 1991–2016

David Cassidy and son Beau Cassidy

David Cassidy has two children:

1. Son Beau Cassidy, born1991, to Sue Shifrin.

2. Daughter Katie Cassidy, born November 25, 1986 to former model Sherry Benedon.

Above, we see Sherry Benedon and David Cassidy.

Above, we see Katie Cassidy.

David Cassidy

In his 2007 autobiography COULD IT BE FOREVER? David Cassidy wrote:

(David Cassidy In Print)

"I hired a bodyguard who lived in my room.

"We didn't want to let anyone know what was going on, so I simply had to bring this guy with me everywhere I went, as if he were an old friend of mine.

"He was a muscular fellow, the bodybuilder type, in his early 30s.

"And I was this rather slight, androgynous looking 21-year-old.

" My stand-in on The Partridge Family, if you can believe it, was a girl.

David Cassidy and George Michael

"Everyone at work was convinced we were lovers.

"It's that gay thing again.

"All through my career, there have been people who've assumed that I am homosexual.

"Thanks to The Partridge Family, I found I gained a pretty strong gay following, which I rather liked."

David Cassidy plays a TV character...

David Cassidy plays a kind of bisexual character in the ABC Family Channel show "Ruby & the Rockits."

(David's daughter Katie plays one of the bisexual characters on TV in "Melrose Place.")

Ruby and the Rockits is about two brothers, both former pop stars, who reunite when a long-lost daughter comes back into their lives.

David Cassidy signing autographs in Glasgow. Picture: Herald and Times Group

"Could it be Forever...

Sadly not for former teen heart-throb David Cassidy, who has passed away at the age of 67, after a long battle with drink and dementia.

It's hard now to remember just what a big star he was in the early 1970s. Launching a solo career off the back of The Partidge Family TV show, David soon had the biggest fan club in the world; bigger than Elvis and The Beatles.

When he played Glasgow, in 1974, they couldn't find an indoor venue big enough, and had to stage the gig outdoors, at the city's Shawfield Stadium.

Speaking years later, David said: “I can remember flying into Glasgow in 1974, I had my own plane back then - and doing an interview with the BBC before going on to do the concert at Shawfield.

"There were thousands of girls at the airport, but as we left the BBC to go to the stadium I was amazed to see girls lined up all along the streets, waving at me from both sides of the road."

To all you ladies of a certain age, remember him this way - signing autographs in Glasgow..."



Donald Trump is Jewish, according to his own brother.

Trump's Older Brother Fred Joined a Jewish Fraternity.

"The Jewish Trumps aren't quite sure where their name came from. 

"The family folklore is that they came from a place called Trumpskoya, somewhere in Lithuania. 

"That's the story according to Sasha Weiss Trump ... who lives in Israel."

Meet the Jewish Trumps

In Lithuania there have been deep divisions.

Many Lithuanian Jews were murdered during World war II


Molėtai is a small town in Lithuania.

'During one day in the summer of 1941, two thousand Jews were shot there.

'In other words, eighty percent of the population of Molėtai vanished over the course of a few hours and were buried in a mass grave.

'German Nazis were in command of the massacre.

'Local Lithuanians did the shooting.'

Jews: Lithuania's Misfortune

Jewish kids in Molėtai

Jews of Lithuanian origin include:
Benjamin Netanyahu

Ehud Barak

Roman Abramovich

Moshe Arens, former Israeli defence minister and foreign minister

Leon Brittan, of Lithuanian Jewish origin, was the UK government minister in charge of the police at a time when 'the police were protecting the Elm Guest House child brothel'.

Menachem Begin

Ben Bernanke, former Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve

Michael Bloomberg, New York Mayor

Brian Epstein, The Beatles Manager

Seymour Hersh, American journalist

Malcolm Rifkind has Lithuanian Jewish origins. Sir Malcolm Rifkind has been chairman of the UK's Intelligence and Security Committee. He is a cousin of the alleged rapist Leon Brittan.

Sol Kerzner, South African casino magnate (Sun City)

Hillel Kook prominent member of the Irgun

Michael Marks, founder of retail network Marks and Spencer

Winthrop Paul Rockefeller, Rockefeller family, U.S., Republican politician (his mother was a Litvak - from Lithuania)

Harold Wilson's dear friend, the Lithuanian-born Joseph Kagan. Kagan was a close friend of Richardas Vaygauskas, a Lithuanian officer in the KGB. 

Jerome David Salinger, writer

Ariel Sharon, from a family of Georgian Jews of Lithuanian descent

Joe Slovo, South African Communist and MK leader, minister of construction in Nelson Mandela's government

John Stewart, U.S. TV comedian

Helen Suzman, South-African anti-apartheid activist

David Young

"I was born to a Lithuanian father and am of Jewish descent," noted UK Minister David Young.

"My only brother, Stewart, is chairman of the BBC. 

"My father used to say, 'One son deputy chairman of the government, another chairman of the BBC - that's not bad for immigrants."